Your Marriage License

I will ask you to bring your marriage license to your rehearsal, where I will take custody of it. On the day of your wedding I will have your license signed by your witnesses. I will complete the officiant sections, sign the document, and return your marriage license to the Register of Deeds office for the issuing county.

Marriage licenses are required in North Carolina

Please be aware that I cannot perform a wedding ceremony without either a marriage license or a copy of your legal marriage certificate because it is illegal.  The state of North Carolina is very strict about this, and to do so would put me at risk for a stiff fine as well the loss of my authority to solemnize marriages in North Carolina.

If you will be changing your name 

If you plan to change your name, you will need several certified copies of your marriage license from the Register of Deeds office. Allow about two weeks for mail service and clerical processing before requesting your certified copies.

Certified copies are $10 each. You can order them online and pay with a credit/debit card. You may also order a certified copy by mail using the form included with your marriage license, and pay by check or money order. Do not send cash through the mail. Make check or money order payable to: Register of Deeds. Additionally, you can go in person to the Register of Deeds office where you obtained your marriage license to request and pay for a certified copy.

At minimum, you will need to change your legal name with the Social Security Administration, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and with the US Department of State if you need to update your passport.

First, change your name at the Social Security Office. To do this you will be asked to present a certified copy of your marriage license to the representative there. Then wait 24 hours before presenting a certified copy to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may need another certified copy to change your name on your passport. Check the US Department of State requirements for more information.

I am always here for you if you have questions about this process at any time.